Dear Students,

You can download the iOS application for the UNIKA exam system to your device by clicking the link below.

Click to download the application from the Apple App Store.

When using the application, you should pay attention to the following:

  • You need to enter the application with the username and password you use to log into the UNIKA exam system.
  • After logging into the application, the application fixes itself to the screen and prevents you from switching to another application. It is possible to disable this, but if you do this during the exam, you will be kicked out of the exam screen.
  • To access the exam screen, you must be in the exam hall with your ID. When you click on the exam link to access the exam, you can access the exam after the QR code displayed on the screen is approved by the supervisor in the exam room.
  • If your phone rings while you are taking the exam, you should keep the phone busy, and if you cannot see the call on the screen, you should mute your phone's sound/vibration. Answering a call will invalidate your exam.
  • If you leave the exam screen unexpectedly, this will be recorded. It's up to the examiner in the exam room to re-test you, but the supervisor may not retake you if they think you're cheating.
  • After your exam is completed, you can exit the locked screens and end the application with the Exit button in the upper right corner of the application.


Students who have device locking problems should update the installed application with the new version.

Students who have crashing problems on their iPhone devices should review the guide information in the link below to restart their device.

Force restart iPhone (iPhone User Guide)