You can reach the 2022-2023 Spring Semester midterm exam program from the link below. Follow the announcements on your department website and the OBS system daily for updates on your exam schedule. Exam date, time and exam type of your course are written in the exam program. In order to find your courses in the exam program, you can filter the code of your course from the column named course code. Please pay attention to the name of your course and the instructor.
All exams will be held online. Courses with TEST written in the exam type column will have an unsupervised online exam through the UNIKA application. The exam type of the courses with Option 2 will be given through the exam created in the relevant course on oys.karabuk.edu.tr. Courses with exam type Option 3 will be tested online, in classrooms of 49 people, created via Microsoft Teams application. For the courses whose exam type is OTHER, the students should learn the exam method by contacting the relevant faculty member.

In the exam, which will be held through the Microsoft Teams application, the student can see the exam paper, as well as a mobile phone, tablet, etc. A device must enter with its camera. The device to be used as a camera will be connected to the Microsoft teams application and image and sound transfer will be provided.
It is the student's responsibility to provide all devices, materials and media (internet connection, electricity, etc.) required for the methods described above.
It has been learned that some of our students prefer not to receive SMS's sent from our university by filling out the form sent by the Information Technologies Department. Due to these preferences of the students, the SMSs sent for the exams, which are the tests, do not reach the students. In the current situation, our university is not responsible for the grievances that may occur as a result of this situation arising from student preferences. Our students can change their SMS preferences by contacting the IT Department of our university.

It is important for all our students to update and actively follow their phone numbers and e-mail addresses on OBS.

Your username for multiple choice (test) exams (sinav.karabuk.edu.tr or UNIKA application): your student number Your password: T.C. It is your ID number.
Your username for the exams (oys.karabuk.edu.trthat will be held with option 2studentno@karabuk.edu.tr Your password: “T.C. The first 5 digits of your ID number are "Kbu*". For example, T.C. Your ID number should be 12345678910 and your student number should be 1234567. In this case, your Username will be: 1234567@karabuk.edu.tr Your Password will be 12345Kbu*
TEST exams (sinav.karabuk.edu.tr or UNIKA application) will be active at the time of each student's exam. Therefore, it is not possible to access the exam before your exam time. It is natural to try to take the exam before the exam time and get an error message. Read the other issues about the test exams at https://onlinesinav.karabuk.edu.tr/.

NOTE: You can find the date and time information of AIT182, HST182, TUR182, TRK182, YDL184 and FOL184 courses from the exam program link below.
NOTE: Those who cannot access the download links with Google Chrome are recommended to access the links using a different browser.

NOTE: Since there may be changes in the midterm exam schedules (due to possible exam conflicts), make sure to check the updated exam dates the day before the exams start. In addition, be sure to follow the announcements on your faculty and department pages daily.