Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department was opened on 19.07.2007, short after the foundation of the university. The department started its education-teaching activity at B.Sc. level with 40 students who were taken the English Preparatory Class in 2008-2009 academic calendar. Turkish education is given in our department after one year of prep class. A rich programme consisting of basic science and engineering courses and professional courses as well as the courses on social and human sciences are offered to our students.

Metallurgy, based on its subject can be divided into two main branches namely extractive metallurgy and physical metallurgy (materials). Extractive metallurgy covers production of pure metals or alloys by physical and chemical methods from ores present in nature, raw materials containing metal or secondary resources such as waste and scraps. On the other hand, in process-structure-properties triangle, materials science analyses production, development, structure and properties (mechanical, physical and chemical) of leading-edge technology materials needed today and in the future.

Nowadays, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering continues to develop as a multi-disciplinary science and technology branch extended into machine, chemistry, construction, aerospace, electric-electronics, environment and medical fields. In addition to this, it plays a significant role to have sectors gained manufacturing processes in accord with efficiency, energy and raw material triplet.

As Metallurgical and Materials Engineers can work in public or private sectors active in industrial branches such as metal, machine, chemistry, construction, aerospace, electric and electronics and so on, the engineers also have the oppurtunity to set up their own business.