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Mechatronic Engineering; It is an interdisciplinary department that is at the common point of Mechanical, Computer, Electronics and Control engineering fields.
It started its educational activities with 164 students who settled in our department in the 2012-2013 Fall semester. Mechatronics Engineering continues its education with the first and second education programs.
Mechatronics Engineering department has a competent academic staff in its field with 4 Professors, 2 Associate Professors, 8 Assistant Professor and 3 Research Assistants. Among the 60 Mechatronics Engineering programs that continue their education and training activities in Turkey, Karabuk University Faculty of Engineering Mechatronics Engineering Department ranks 4th in terms of number of academic staff.
In the Mechatronics Engineering Department, our students' multi-faceted development is supported with double major, minor, Erasmus and Mevlana programs.
As stated in the Mechatronics Engineering Department Information file, our students can specialize in Computer, Electric-Electronics, Control and Machinery fields with the courses they take.
Mechatronics Engineering Department has been graduating since 2016. Our graduates continue to work in Turkey's best defense industry companies and the best private and public institutions in their fields.
Karabuk University is among the top 20 universities among nearly 200 state and foundation universities in Turkey, whose graduates find jobs the fastest and easiest.
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