Mechanical Engineering Department is the oldest and the most extensive engineering branch that provides education and research on the design, development, production planning and maintenance of all kinds of mechanical systems and energy conversion systems.

Our department started education with 43 students in the 2008-2009 academic year. In our department, 30% English and 100% English education is given, and 4 undergraduate programs are carried out, including daytime and evening education.

Mechanical Engineering Department is a department of our faculty with the mission and vision to represent our university, province and country in the best way, with its education and training programs, faculty members and laboratory facilities, and to train the mechanical engineers of the future in this direction.

Double major program and minor program are applied in Mechanical Engineering Department. If our successful students wish, they can get a second undergraduate diploma or an engineering certificate in the field of engineering if they are successful in the difference courses they take from the Industrial Engineering and Metallurgical and Materials Engineering programs.

Our Mechanical Engineering Department students have the opportunity to gain proficiency in the field they are interested in by choosing one of the fields of energy or construction and manufacturing in the last two semesters.

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