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Prof.Dr. İsmail Rakıp KARAŞ ismail.karas@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Science Phone: (370)4187050 / 3883 Office: -
Areas of Interest: GeoInformatics, Geographic Information Systems, GIS, Three Dimensional Geographic Information Systems (3DGIS), Network Analyses, Software Development for GIS, Web based GIS, Geo-Databases, Spatial Data Structures, Computer Graphics, Computational Geometry, Image Processing, Graph Theory, Location Based Services
Prof.Dr. Mehmet AKBABA mehmetakbaba@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Science Phone: (370)4187050 / 3849 Office: M336
Areas of Interest:
Assoc.Prof.Dr. İlhami Muharrem ORAK imorak@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Software Phone: (370)4187050 / 3792 Office: M159
Areas of Interest: Database, Data Mining, Industrial Automation Software, Parallel Programming
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Oğuz FINDIK oguzfindik@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Science Phone: (370)4187050 / 3860 Office: A133
Areas of Interest: Watermarking, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Optimization algorithms, Data classification, Data clustering.
Asst.Prof.Dr. İlker TÜRKER (Head of Department) iturker@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Software Phone: (370)4187050 / 3848 Office: M325
Areas of Interest: Programming, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Complex Networks, Web technologies, Neuroscience
Asst.Prof.Dr. Hakan KUTUCU (Deputy Head of Department) hakankutucu@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Software Phone: (370)4187050 / 3870 Office: A121
Areas of Interest: Network Design Problems, Combinatorial Optimization, Linear Programming, Operations Research, Mathematical Modelling
Asst.Prof.Dr. Burhan SELÇUK bselcuk@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Software Phone: (370)4187050 / 3780 Office: B160
Areas of Interest: Differential Equations, Parallel and Distributed Computing.
Asst.Prof.Dr. Caner ÖZCAN canerozcan@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Science Phone: (370)4187050 / 3877 Office: A118
Areas of Interest: Image Processing, Machine Learning, Parallel Programming, Big Data Analytics, Remote Sensing
Asst.Prof.Dr. Emrullah SONUÇ esonuc@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Software Phone: (370)4187050 / 3879 Office: 122
Areas of Interest: Parallel Programming, Heuristic Algorithms, Web Applications, Database Management Systems, Mobil Application Development, Expert Systems.
Asst.Prof.Dr. Nesrin AYDIN ATASOY nesrinaydin@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Science Phone: (370)4187050 / 3888 Office: A 120
Areas of Interest: Parallel Programming, Image Processing
Asst.Prof.Dr. Omar DAKKAK omardakkak@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Science Phone: (370)4337050 / Office: 158
Areas of Interest: Parallel and Distributed Computing, High Performance Computing QoS, Grid Computing, Performance Evaluation, Scheduling Algorithms, Tabu Search
Asst.Prof.Dr. Ümit Atila umitatila@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Software Phone: (370)4187050 / 3811 Office: B 160
Areas of Interest: Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Meta-heuristic Optimization, Spatial Network Analysis
Asst.Prof.Dr. Yasin ORTAKCI yasinortakci@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Software Phone: (370)4187050 / 3785 Office: 159
Areas of Interest: Operating System, Programming of Mobile Device, Particle Swarm Optimization, Genetic Algorithm, Indoor Navigation System and Indoor Positioning
Asst.Prof.Dr. Yüksel ÇELİK yukselcelik@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Software Phone: (370)4187050 / 3853 Office: 135
Areas of Interest: Optimization, Heuristic optimization, Genetic Algorithms, Swarm Intellihence, Enginering Optimization
Asst.Prof.Dr. Zafer ALBAYRAK zalbayrak@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Hardware Phone: (370)4187050 / Office: A129
Areas of Interest: Modelling and Simulation, Computer Networks, Object Oriented Programming
Instructor Dr. Kasım ÖZACAR kasimozacar@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Science Phone: (370)4187050 / Office:
Areas of Interest: 3D Interaction Tehcniques, Usability of 3D User Interface Design, 3D Displays, HMDs, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality.
Res.Asst.Dr. Ferhat ATASOY ferhatatasoy@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Hardware Phone: (370)4334018 / 2182 Office: B206
Areas of Interest: Image processing, Embedded Systems, Distance Education, Linux
Res.Asst. Ayşe Nur ALTINTAŞ aysenuraltintas@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Software Phone: (370)4187050 / 3909 Office: 214
Areas of Interest:
Res.Asst. Berna YENİGÜN bernagunes@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Hardware Phone: (370)4187050 / 3857 Office: 124
Areas of Interest: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Res.Asst. Elif KABULLAR elifkabullar@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Hardware Phone: (370)4187050 / 3869 Office: 124
Areas of Interest: Machine Learning, Image Processing, Artificial Neural Networks ,Data Clustering and Classification
Res.Asst. Furkan SABAZ furkansabaz@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Software Phone: - / Office: 203
Areas of Interest:
Res.Asst. Hasan KIVRAK hasankivrak@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Hardware Phone: (370)4187050 / - Office:
Areas of Interest: Robot learning by imitation Designing Human-Robot Social Interaction Systems Sign Language Recognition
Res.Asst. İdris KAHRAMAN idriskahraman@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Science Phone: (370)4187050 / 3801 Office: 162
Areas of Interest:
Res.Asst. Mahmut Selman GÖKMEN selmangokmen@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Hardware Phone: (370)4187050 / Office: 203
Areas of Interest: Embedded Systems, Microprocessors, Mobile Programming, Electronic, Database Management Systems, 3D Modelling with Solidworks and Autocad
Res.Asst. Mehmet Zahid YILDIRIM m.zahidyildirim@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Science Phone: (370)4187050 / 3803 Office: A162
Areas of Interest: İmage Processing, Data Mining, Machine Learning
Res.Asst. Oğuzhan MENEMENCİOĞLU omenemencioglu@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Software Phone: / Office: 465
Areas of Interest: Semantic Web, Multimedia Databases, Content Analysis, Ontology Modelling, Database, Web Programming, Security, and Distance Education.
Res.Asst. Rafet DURGUT rafetdurgut@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Science Phone: (370)4187050 / 3878 Office: A118
Areas of Interest: Computer Graphics, Modelling and Simulation, Activity and Gesture Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning
Res.Asst. Sait DEMİR saitdemir@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Software Phone: (370)4337050 / Office:
Areas of Interest:
Res.Asst. Yasemin SANDAL yaseminsandal@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Hardware Phone: (370)4187050 / 3857 Office: 124
Areas of Interest: İmage Proccessing, Database Management Systems, Artificial İntelligence, Programming Languages
Res.Asst. Yusuf Yargı BAYDİLLİ yusufbaydilli@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Science Phone: (370)4337050 / Office: A118
Areas of Interest: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Econophysics, Complex Network Analysis.
Res.Asst. Zeynep OZER zeynepbayram@karabuk.edu.tr -
Division: Computer Software Phone: (370)4187050 / 3938 Office: 214
Areas of Interest:


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